A photo of me.

Finding the right words

I have been trying to write this post for serveral weeks. A combination of anxiety, self-image issues, and depression have gotten in the way. My long-winded walls of text will be condensed to the content to follow. Thank you for giving me the space to get this out.

  • Do not be afraid to work on your mental health. Shoutout to my therapist Sarah on Talkspace who helped me through some tough spots in the last couple months.

  • I will be blogging about my adventures in breadmaking and tech. We will be working on an Italian loaf later this week and I’ll start talking about the nuts and bolts of this website.

  • I have been playing around with Joyent’s Triton Datacenter lately. Pretty cool stuff. Be prepared for some OpenSolaris-isms and just all around fun stuff.

  • Cat pictures are going to happen.

  • I am not actively looking for employment at this time. I am currently serving as a Linux System Admin / Systems Engineer for a financial company in the Loop and having a blast!

I’m going to start the dough for the Italian loaf right now and here is a cat picture of Grep the Cat.

Grep the Cat.

Upcoming Topics (tentatively)

  • 18/3/21: Italian Bread
  • 18/3/23: Launching a Container on Triton
  • 18/3/25: LetsEncrypt with Containers
  • 18/4/4: Sourdough Starter
  • 18/4/14: Rustic Soughdough Loaf